Pot Washing

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Power Soak Washing System from Horizon Bradco Commercial Foodservice and Bakery EquipmentNew Generation 4 Power Soak System

The new Generation 4 Power Soak System boasts a number of improvements to the already impressive leading solution in continuous motion washing.

PS-225 Control Panel
The PS-225 Control Panel System is the most advanced and easiest to use control Power Soak has offered. In addition to constantly monitoring and adjusting the Power Soak’s operations, the PS-225 also provides a visual update of the system’s status and critical tasks.

Advanced Wash Jet Design
We’ve doubled the number of jets in the wash tank and slowed down the velocity of the wash water. The result is a maximized wash flow that cleans more wares faster and more effectively than ever before … while being extremely gentle and quiet.
• A 25% increase in wash flow without significant additional energy usage
• A 25% decrease in velocity for our gentlest wash ever
• Double the number of wash jets for improved uniformity and speed of cleaning

All New Flexible Tank Divider
The new Flexible Tank Divider (FTD) easily fits between any two sections of the Advanced Wash Insert sections and creates a partition in the wash tank. While it’s most often used to create the new “Utensil Area,” it can also be used for separating the wash tank into two larger sections if needed. In some cases, you may want to make use of the entire wash tank, without the FTD, when cleaning large items like hood filters.

All New Advanced Wash Insert
The Advanced Wash Insert (AWI) is a revolutionary advancement in the Power Soak
system and continuous motion washing in general.

All New Utensil Area
• The new utensil area offers about 40% more capacity than the previous utensil basket design.
• Items rotate freely to the surface for easy unloading.
• All of the Benefits of the new AWI System: Because the new utensil area utilizes the AWI system, all of the AWI benefits apply to utensil washing, as well.
• A special Hi-Powered Utensil Area wash jet has been added, which is twice as powerful as the other wash jets for unequaled utensil washing quality and speed.

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