Future of retail refrigeration: What trends will impact how supermarkets invest in refrigerated technology?

Refrigeration is the cornerstone of any grocery store or supermarket selling fresh goods, but refrigeration systems are also some of the biggest expenses retail food stores assume, not to mention a considerable risk to inventory if they suddenly break down.

To stay ahead of the game, business leaders have turned to smarter, more comprehensive energy management strategies including the purchase of Energy Star products and greater monitoring of equipment performance. But as times change, supermarkets and grocery stores will need to adjust their policies regarding energy efficiency and general refrigeration upkeep to continue to be competitive. What does the future of commercial refrigeration hold for the supermarket sector? [Read more…]

Supermarkets stand to benefit greatly from the future of refrigerated meat cases

Commercial refrigerated meat cases combine two essential elements of fresh grocery sales: visibility and protection. Over time, however, meat cases can lose their ability to maintain these values and eventually pass beyond the point of no return. [Read more…]

How LED lighting impacts food merchandising in supermarkets

Food and beverage manufacturers may spend all the time and money in the world to design an eye-grabbing packaging design, but supermarkets or grocers without proper display equipment could accidentally negate these expenditures.

That’s where food merchandising comes in. What do food merchandisers do, and how can LED lighting help in them in their mission to drive sales? [Read more…]

Sustainable business: Energy saving tips when investing in food equipment

With innovative foodservice equipment, the supermarket and grocery store industry can do more for themselves and their customers. But the benefits don’t end at what’s on the menu – purchasing new equipment for the prepared food, meat and bakery departments can also lead to astounding energy savings.

[Read more…]

Horizon Bradco Acquires Allied Mechanical Services and NEC

Horizon Bradco has acquired New England based Allied Mechanical Services, LLC (AMS) and New England Controls, LLC (NEC).  Based in Wallingford, CT, AMS is a leading provider of refrigeration and HVAC installation, repair services and maintenance contracts to the area’s top supermarkets and retail food chains. NEC provides specialty installation of low-voltage energy management solutions to much of the same customer base.
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