Installation and service available on all of the equipment below. Looking for a different way to package products? Check out our Automatic Stretch Wrappers.

Biro Model Pro-9 Meat Tenderizer from Horizon Bradco Commercial Food Service EquipmentMinipack MVS 31X Tabletop Vacuum Machine

The collaboration with important chefs during the phase of design and creation of the display has allowed to enrich the functions of the control panel, keeping into consideration the specific needs of professional users. Also the kit for the inert gas injection is foreseen as optional. The control panel allows to set up to 10 customized programs. The display shows the oil change need with suitable message. The membrane switch board is adhesive and stuck on the front of the body; this prevents the entry of liquids into the card. A next-generation electronic sensor, which analyses the data directly from the card, reads the vacuum grade carried out inside the chamber; it is also possible to calibrate the machine, once it is installed at the final user’s location, to correct any atmospheric pressure changes at the different altitudes.

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MVS 31X Spec Sheet
mvs45x Vacuum Chamber from Horizon Bradco Commercial Food Service EquipmentMinipack MVS 45X Tabletop Vacuum Machine

9 Digital Programs: Nine storable programs for different products liquids, solids, gas, etc.
Digital Vacuum Sensor: Measures & compares the programmed vacuum percent for accuracy
Moisture Quick Stop: Stops vacuum instantly and seals pouch for liquid products
Pop-Out Seal Bar: Sanitation and Teflon Tape replacement are performed with ease
Service Indicator: Digital display will display (OIL) when service is due
Extra Vac: Runs the evacuation up to 30/sec longer for porous or soft products
Volume Plates: FDA/USDA approved volume plates for adjusting to product height
Transparent Lid: Completely transparent bubble lid allows for easy visual operation
Auto Calibration: Accurate evacuation regardless of the atmospheric conditions
External Evacuation: Channel pouch or containers may be used externally
Waffle Design Striker: Resist heat while offering the highest quality in seal strength
Soft Air: Controls the air return rate for delicate or sharp products

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MVS 45X Spec Sheet
MVS 50X Freestanding Vacuum Chamber from Horizon Bradco Commercial Food Service EquipmentMinipack MVS X Series — Vacuum Sealers

Minipack's freestanding chamber machines are a line of high performance vacuum sealers, specifically
developed for high capacity applications in the food retail and food processing industries. All machines support modified atmosphere packaging and are designed with unique hygienic features, such as pop-out seal bars, excess bag cut-off, and stainless steel housing.

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Minipack-Torre E-Series Hand Packaging Machines from Horizon Bradco Commercial Food Service EquipmentMinipack-Torre E-Series Hand Packaging Machines

Minivacuum-E and Professional-E are two vacuum packaging machines with external suction device suitable to work both with bags and with proper stiff trays. Equipped with double sealing bar, they can work in manual or automatic cycle. Manufactured in stainless steel, easy to use and with reduced dimensions.

• Seal bar: 335 mm (435 mm Prof.)
• Auto & manual operation
• Stainless steel construction
• Stop cycle switch

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Sipromac Shrink Tunnels and Tanks
Using the shrink tank or tunnel has never been so easy: simply place vacuum packaged product on the rack and push the button. Products packaged through shrink tunnels and tanks reduce the seams and remove most of the folds in the shrinkable bags.


• Stainless steel construction
• Nema IV control panel with digital temperature settings
• Hot water shower for a uniform package
• Adjustable water temperature to a maximum of 99C (210F) (shrinking tunnels only)
• Insulated tank for energy conservation
• Stainless steel conveyor with adjustable speed (max. 12 feet/minute) (shrink tunnels only)
• Removable panels and lid for easy maintenance

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Sipromac Thermoforming Machines
The machine's intuitive interface combined with an ergonomic design allows for easy loading and simple operation. The system's component are corrosion-proof and their design allows for simple and easy maintenance in order to meet the strictest hygiene standards.


• Welded, stainless steel frame
• Stainless steel loading space
• 5/8" conveyor chain
• Schneider PLC control unit
• 6" Touch control panel, with user friendly interface
• Schneider servo motor drive for accurate speed control

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Sipromac Tray Sealers
These machines can be adapted for any size of tray. Heavy-duty, reliable stainless steel and easily dismantled components ensure the best possible maintenance processes.


• Fast heating of tooling and electronic control of temperature.
• Teflon coated heating plate.
• Automatic film sealing and cutting mechanism for trays
• Superior quality Busch vacuum pump

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Sipromac Vacuum Packaging Machines
This high-quality, user-friendly, and easy to clean machine integrates heavy-duty parts and double chambers to provide great reliability and eliminate waiting times. This model is designed to package large volumes of over-sized products.


• Stainless steel construction
• Vacuum sensor
• Twin seal element
• Automatic chamber movement (Models 680A and 700A)
Automated conveyor system for unloading products (Model 700A)
• Rear Panel
• ETL, CSA, UL certification
• Filler plates

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