The Perfect Patty

Horizon Bradco has patty machine options to give you The Perfect Patty

 Mainca’s “MH” Manual Hamburger & Meatball Moulder

Mainca MH

Mainca’s Manual Hamburger and Meatball Moulder MH-130 can help meat processors produce portions of any size, small or large, with speed and accuracy for consistent portioning. It’s simple to use and can produce up to 100 pounds if 4 oz. hamburgers. Perfect for grocers or retailers looking to add a Gourmet Pre-seasoned Hamburger, Slider, or Meatball Program.

  • Optional mold plates for meatball and slider options.
  • 5 meatballs or sliders per plate.
  • Manual patty paper dispenser.
  • Hamburger diameters from 4 to 5-1/8″

Biro F2000N

Biro F2000

The BIRO F2000N Food/Patty Forming Machine is designed for production of a wide variety of Meat and Food Forming products, with a production speed capability of 2,000 to 4,000 formed products per hour. A large number of drum mold die shapes are available (round, square, rectangle, fish, heart, bone, etc.)

  • Product weights can be changed using the drum die depth (thickness) up to ¾”
  • The Food Former Models are compact with a small foot print, and easy to clean-up.
  • Reliable, versatile and a real Value-Added Profit Center.

Hollymatic Super Patty Machine


The Hollymatic Super is an industry favorite for producing high quality patties. It’s the most popular patty machine ever built.

  • Forms patties up to 8 oz. in weight, from 3/16″ to 3/4″ thick.
  • Produce up to 2,100 patties per hour with reliable portion control.
  • Automatic side notch paper interleaving.
  • Mold plate changes, simple and fast.

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 Universal Patty Paper Now Available!

Patty Paper from Horizon Bradco Commercial Food Service Equipment

Patty paper sold from Horizon Bradco comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. We offer tear pins, side notch, vacuum feed, waxed, and non-waxed. Note as of 6/11/14, if you purchase a Super Patty machine the universal paper will not fit, you will need 5 1/2″ edge guide paper. 

Investing in USDA approved patty paper extends the shelf life of your patties.

For more information visit our parts page or call our parts department at 518.395.3388 ext. 145.

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Long gone are the days when having a burger means just having a patty made of ground beef. These days there are options for a variety of different preferences. With the help of Horizon Bradco Patty Machines you can offer your customers a range of new and innovative burger options.

For those interested in a vegetarian lifestyle you can make a veggie burger made of vegetables and soy. People who like seafood can enjoy a lobster burger or a fish patty made of salmon. Some people may just want a burger made from a different kind of meat, options include chicken patties, turkey burgers, bison burgers, venison burgers, and pork burgers.

Whatever you are looking to make, we have the Mixer Grinders, Patty Machines, Patty Paper, and Seasonings to meet your needs.