Steaming Cells

Installation and service available on all of the equipment below.

Sipromac Smokehouses
Temperature controlled through a built-in microprocessor, recorded on paper or optional data recording file. The semi-automatic cleaning cycle and seamless welded stainless steel cabinet allow easy cleaning and sanitizing.

• Stainless steel construction: interior, exterior, walls, ceiling, door, etc.
• High density semi-rigid rock wool (76 mm) insulation
• Microprocessor
• Steam control in percentage
• Sensor included
• 3 temperature controls, dry control, steam control, and internal temperature control of product
• Semi-automatic ventilation and cabinet washing and rinsing system
• Automatic door control
• Variable speed ventilation system
• Trolley guides
• Fully welded assembly
• Stainless steel trolleys :8 levels, 6 wheels (no accessories)

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