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With Horizon Bradco there is no down time waiting for new or replacement parts. We have 3 fully stocked main warehouses and multiple satellite locations with fully barcoded inventory to stock service vans and to provide same day parts relay to our customers.

We offer parts from the following manufacturers:

Alto Shaam ChampionGarlandLincoln Oven
APW Wycott
Bakers Pride Cres Cor
Halco Market Forge
BerkelDelfield Henny Penny
Pitco Frialator Turbochef
Blodgett Oven
EmberGlo ImperialSouthbend Wells
Bunn Frymaster

We also offer a variety of supplies for baking including:

Bagel BoardsBagel ScoopsProofing BoardsOven PeelsSheet Pans

Label and Tag Supplies

LabelsBar Code LabelingDirect Thermal LabelingFanfold Labels/Tags
Thermal Transfer Tag StocksDirect Thermal Tag StocksRibbonsCustom Printing

Labels available for the following scales:


Vacuum Pouches

Standard 3 Mil Safe Handling Pouches available for:


Custom size and composition also available. Contact for more information

Fryer Filter Paper for the following manufacturers:

AnetsBKIFrymasterGilesHenny Penny

Patty Paper by size

H 2 4 1/2H 2 5 H 2 5 1/2 H 6 S 4 1/2
HN 2 4 1/2 HN 6 4 1/2 HN 6 5 1/2 HN 6 4 1/2 OCT
H 6 4 1/2
H 6 5
H 6 5 1/2
H 6 S 5 3/16
HN 2 5 1/2
HN 6 5
HN 6 6
HN 6 6 OCT
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