Rotisseries to Fit Your Needs and Your Space

Horizon Bradco is proud to offer a wide range of rotisserie options. From table top models and rotisseries that can cook up to 56 chickens at once, to pass through and attractive display models. Get exactly what you need with a rotisserie, supplies, parts and service from Horizon Bradco.

Ideal for supermarkets and superstores, the VGG’s high volume capacity cooks up to 40 – 3lb chickens to perfection in 75 minutes.

• Capacity: up to 40 – 3 lb chickens
• High visibility with attractive design
• Lighted theatre for maximum customer attraction
• Curved glass picture window
• 15 program modes with pre-heat and hold capability
• Cool-door designed for safety
• Removable stainless steel parts for ease of cleaning
• External Material (18 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel)

STG 7p gas filled on underframe

The combination of the heat exchanger with ventilators ensures optimum heat transfer and an even airflow around the meat.

• Energy-efficient heat exchanger
• Energy savings of 50%
• Up to 30% faster than conventional gas rotisseries
• 7 Meat fork, V-spit, basket or rack positions
• Rotor for up to 35 chicken (1,2 kg) per batch
• Cook time of 65 minutes
• Max output in 6 hours: 360/65 x 35 = 194
• Suitable for gas types propane (G31) and natural gas (G20-G25)
• 15 programs with up to 3 steps
• Convection for even cooking
• Automatic holding, programmable
• 120-degree view and attractive halogen lighting (impulse generator)
• Curved, double glass doors for perfect insulation and safety
• Door at control side; optional door on customer side
• No water and drain connections needed
• Removable parts for easy cleaning
• High quality stainless steel construction, exterior and interior


A traditional rotisserie that can hold and cook from 24 to 56 chickens in less an hour.

• From 4 to 8 spits
• Powerful lighting system
• Each individual spit has its own unique burner for a constant and fast cooking time
• Adjustable spits cook any type of food from chicken to turkey, lamb, beef and vegetables
• Individual motors and burner system
• Porcelain enamel finish


A high-performance, elegant, modern rotisserie with interior lighting to accent the beauty of your roasting meats and vegetables that comes in a variety of colors.

• 8 adjustable spits, each with its own motor and gas radiant
• Separate interchangeable radiants for lower maintenance costs
• K.GLASS glass doors to reduce heat loss, accelerating cooking and preventing burns
• 4 doors to facilitate access and reduce heat loss
• Removable stainless steel plates between each row of radiants for easy cleaning
• Drip pan with a drain collects grease drippings for perfect hygiene and accident safety


With BKI’s self-serve island hot case, hold a variety of items at varying temperatures for optimal product integrity and appeal.

• Built to hold constant and proper temperature
• 3 independent zones on main surface
• Vividly display prepared and packaged entrees
• Lighting under middle shelf and top canopy
• Radius bumper around perimeter of display
• Seamless flat countertop
• Radius bumper around perimeter of display

Multi Deck Warmer

BKI’s Multi-Deck Warmer is designed to give a flexible, convenient way to take advantage of self-serve, impulse purchases.

• Unique, Energy Efficient Heated Shelf
• Lighted Shelves for Increased Product Visibility
• Individual Controlled Shelves
• Single Glazed End Walls with Attractive Profile
• Pass-thru sliding mirrored doors
• Caster, floor or counter mounting
• 2″ Bumper on Front End and Sides


Designed and engineered to provide operators maximum profitability in their hot food program by offering great flexibility and optimum holding capability.

• Centralized control for easy operator access and monitoring
• Centralized TouchTEC control sets for holding foods at optimum temperature
• Precise and consistent temperature settings
• Shatter resistant, fluorescent lighting is not used as a heating source
• Rear service doors are available in mirrored or clear glass
• Front glass lifts up and locks for cleaning access
• Fold down and removable plastic or stainless steel cutting board
• Fluorescent lights and divider bars or surface warmer racks