SD-10E Utensil Washer

SD-10E Utensil Washer

Engineered with a split-door design, the Douglas Machine Model SD-10 is push button easy to operate and loaded with convenient features. It has a heavy-duty 5 HP pump and a generous 10 pan capacity. This machine even holds up to 140 quart mixing bowls. It is also equipped with a digital display to monitor key performance functions and make the machine easier to operate and maintain.
• Stainless steel construction
• Digital control and info center
• Electric wash tank heating
• Cast iron wash pump with ODP motor
• Stainless steel insert for bun/sheet pans
• Automatic fill
• External rinse hose and spray gun
• Wash, rinse, and sanitize 10 pans in a five-minute wash cycle
• UL

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