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RC-300 Rotary Chamber

RC-300 Rotary Chamber

Need a versatile, reliable, high-performance vacuum packaging machine? The Rollstock RC-300 Rotary Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine averages 26 packages per minute and has features and benefits galore. It has a patented sealing system and features a water-cooled hold-down and continuous temperature sealing element. It seals through any bag thickness, and through creases or contaminates.
• Patented Sealing System
• Seals through any bag thickness, & through creases or contaminates.
• 300 Series Stainless Steel construction
• Most parts available “off the shelf” for economical and quick repair
• Designed for food packaging heavy wash-down environment
• Easier to maintain and repair
• State of the art electronics
• Averages 26 packages per minute
• PLC controlled using a 10” touch-screen display

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