MAG 58/4 Rotisserie Oven

MAG 58/4 Rotisserie Oven

When tradition meets perfection: the MAG spit-roast rotisserie oven blends a classic cooking technique with enormous efficiency. Specially designed for continuous operation with dedicated roasters, in supermarkets or in seasonal locations, this is fast, efficient and offers a mouthwatering wall of spit-roasted chickens for your clients.
• Gas
• 4 individual motors and burners
• 4 adjustable spits
• Self-igniting pilots
• Removable back panels and rounded edges
• 2 tempered glass doors
• Quartz lamps
• Enamel finish and bottom drip pans with drain valve
• 64.3/4”H x 60”W x 27.1/2”D
• 24-28 chicken capacity
• 208-220V

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