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LRO‐G5 Single Roll in Rack Oven

LRO‐G5 Single Roll in Rack Oven

All rack oven models utilize a built-in steam generator for superior “jump”, and programmable bake chamber venting to produce shiny crusts without drying out the crumb. For roasting application, the steam system used with the multi step programming can help keep proteins, vegetable and starches moist.
• Stainless steel construction
• Accommodates two single or one double rack
• 100-525°F temperature range
• Holds up to 40 full-size pans (18” x 26”)
• Vertiflow heat exchanger
• Waterfall type steam generation system
• Dimensions: 114”H x 46”W x 70”D
• 120V-208V-240V-480V

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