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Instore Baking Softstar Roll Line

Instore Baking Softstar Roll Line

The transition between Craft and Industrial baking is today quite seamless. Wherever buns and shaped rolls need to be produced in a tight timeframe in large quantities and simultaneously with a high quality and large variation, which is where a high capacity Head Machine from WP Kemper pays off very quickly.
• Dough dividing and round molding machine
• Uses multiple types of dough
• 91.3”L x 57”W x 139”H
• Hydration absorption rate of 45 to 65%
• 19,200 pieces/hr
• 1.2 to 4.9 oz roll weight
• Adjustable drive motor
• Adjustable flour duster
• Stores up to 30 recipes
• Hourly capacity display

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