Deli Multisserie with Grease Separator

Deli Multisserie with Grease Separator

The Deli Multisserie with grease separator efficiently separates grease from water during the cook cycle.
This way, the total volume of waste will be decreased significantly. Moreover, the harvested fat can become a reusable energy source. The integrated grease system eliminates the need for separate grease treatment systems.
• Supplied with grease separation system
• Impulse generator
• Fully automatic cleaning system
• Cook Correction Technology
• 12 Chicken racks or multi-purpose baskets
• Chicken racks for up to 48 chicken (5 lbs)
• 250 programs with up to 9 steps
• High speed convection for even cooking
• Boiler-less steam generator with different steam levels, programmable
• Attractive halogen lighting
• Curved, double glass doors
• Accessible from three sides
• Separates water (to drain) and fat
• Stainless steel
• Water filtration system

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