Pasta Equipment

Installation and service available on all of the equipment below.

Sirman SIRPasta Pasta Machine

• Planetary spiral mixer for easy and fast dough mixing
• Bowl capacity 20 Lt for 4 Kg dough
• Bowl and spiral easily removable for easy cleaning and sanitizing
• Stainless steel worm and nickel bronze extruder head
• 75 mm bronze die with large availability of pasta shapes
• Pasta cutter with variable speed
Sirman Sansone Pasta Roller

• Powerful dough roller available in 3 sizes
• Vertical construction that reduces the space taken up on the working counter and facilitates gripping of the dough at outfeed
• Built out of stainless steel
• Ventilated motor in non-stop operating mode with dual reduction
• Coaxial reduction gear+ belt transmission
• Adjustable dough thickness
• Infeed area protected with safety microswitch
• Wide chute for dough infeed
• Perfect also to laminate pizza
Sirman Pasti Pasta Cooker


• Structure and tank in stainless steel
• Micro-drilled basket in stainless steel with handy grip
• Special armored rust-proof heaters
• Control thermal switch
• Safety heat guard
• Standard feature: inlet/outlet water faucet