For over 70 years Avalon Manufacturing has been providing the Donut / Doughnut and Bakery Industry with only the highest quality bakery equipment available throughout the world. Visit Website

  • ADF24-E Donut Fryer, Electric

    ADF24-E Donut Fryer, Electric

  • ADF24-G Donut Fryer, Gas

    ADF24-G Donut Fryer, Gas

  • ADF26-E Donut Fryer, Electric

    ADF26-E Donut Fryer, Electric

  • ADF26-G Donut Fryer, Gas

    ADF26-G Donut Fryer, Gas

  • AFG-20T Donut Glazer

    AFG-20T Donut Glazer

  • AFT‐72‐2‐2 Finishing Table

    AFT‐72‐2‐2 Finishing Table

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