When Should You Get Commercial Freezer Repair in Florida?

When Should You Get Commercial Freezer Repair in Florida?

When Should You Get Commercial Freezer Repair in Florida?

Commercial refrigeration equipment is essential for maintaining the quality and safety of perishable inventory. When your commercial freezer fails, it can cost you a significant amount to repair it, not to mention the hundreds or even thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory that you would have lost in the process.

Because of how critical it is that your commercial refrigeration equipment remains in proper working condition, it’s important to invest in preventative maintenance and minor repairs before something major goes wrong. There are some signs that you can look for to help you determine whether you need commercial freezer repair in Florida. When you notice your commercial refrigeration equipment acting up, you should take care of repairs right away. Waiting too long to get repair work done can leave you with more extensive issues that require more expensive repairs:

  • Ice accumulation: If you notice that there is an excessive amount of ice building up on your air vent, in your drain pan or on the evaporator coils, it’s a sign of some underlying issue. It could be attributed to a clogged drain line, a malfunctioning heater or a number of other things. Ice accumulation should be taken seriously, and it’s best to contact a professional with an understanding of commercial freezer repair in Florida.
  • Power outage: When you lose power to your commercial freezer, there could be a number of different things at play. The simplest solution is to check your circuit breaker and see if the fuse was tripped. If everything seems to be in order with your circuit breaker and you haven’t experienced a loss of power in any of your other appliances or lighting systems, it’s likely that the issue lies with the wiring in your freezer itself. If this is the case, you should call a professional for electrical repair right away.
  • High temperature: You should check the temperature in your commercial refrigerator often. If it is too high, it could be that the quantity of inventory is too high. It’s also possible that the door is not closing properly or staying sealed. It may also be that the evaporator has a buildup of frost or ice. Regardless, you will need to have it professionally looked at.
  • Leaks: Water that pools around the door of your freezer should always be taken seriously. It’s a sign that the insulative lining of your door could be wearing down, allowing warm air inside that allows condensation to escape and melt around your freezer. Thankfully, this problem can usually be addressed simply by replacing the weather stripping around your freezer door.

No matter what kind of concerns you have about your commercial refrigeration equipment, the team at 5 Star Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. is prepared to help you. Our family owned and operated business has been providing comprehensive commercial freezer repair in Florida for years and we continue to deliver exceptional repairs, installations and maintenance services. We are proud to provide an exceptional experience to each of the customers we work with. Contact us today to get started and to find out more about everything that we can do.

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