Automatic Slicers

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Bizerba GSP-V Manual Safety Slicer from Horizon Bradco Commercial Foodservice and Bakery EquipmentBizerba GSP HD Automatic Slicer

Bizerba GSP series slicers are now certified to the new NSF ANSI 8 2010 standard. Bizerba GSP series slicers are now certified to the new NSF ANSI 8 2010 standard.
· Energy Savings – average of 50% savings over competitors’ models.
· Widest product carriage for increased capacity.
· One piece anodized aluminum construction.
· Fast and easy to clean, fewer seams.
· Improved sealing against water and debris.
· Largest and easiest to use remnant holder in the industry.
· Unique design allows for the smallest end pieces, increased product yield.
· The ability to adjust both the speed and the stroke of the carriage “on-the-fly” will speed up your operation.
· The ergonomic design of the Bizerba GSP HD series sets the standard for safety, yield, hygiene, durability, and lowest overall cost of ownership.
· Safety features: Shut off in slice thickness knob, adjustable blade shut off and start at zero (safe-only).
· Improved liquid and debris diversion from all control surfaces.
· Largest thumb guard for maximum protection.
· Zero blade exposure during the cleaning process.
· Remote sharpener is dishwasher safe for improved safety and hygiene.
· One piece carriage with seamless thumb guard for highest hygiene standards.
· Servo assist function reduces operator fatigue during manual mode.

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GSP HD Automatic Slicer Spec Sheet
Bizerba A400 Fully Automatic Slicer from Horizon Bradco Commercial Foodservice and Bakery EquipmentBizerba A 400 Fully Automatic Slicer

Fully automatic slicer offering maximum operating convenience. Up to 99 different slicing programs can be stored.

The following slice positioning options are available:

- Stacks up to 90 mm (3.54”) in height, also multiple stacks depending on the product size
- Shingled flat in three rows
- Deposited in-row in any optional position
- Portioning with any required number of slices

Efficiently in a single work process

There are three carriage versions available to permit long products to be sliced efficiently and quickly in a single operation without having to re-clamp the product gripper. This also minimizes loss due to off cuts.

Even the most difficult products can be sliced with optimum slicing results on the A 400 as a result of its programmable, infinitely variable cutting speed of between 30 to 55 strokes a minute.

A powerful blade drive system and the tried and tested concave ground blade made of special steel with a hard chrome coating also ensure the production of high-quality slices. A product support attached directly to the cutting point effectively prevents the product from sliding down from the cutting area. The result: Clean, accurate cuts. From the first slice to the very last.

Engineering perfection

The clearly arranged control panel with splash proof tactile-type keypad and an easily legible LCD display with graphic capability forms the nerve centre of the A 400. It is positioned at an ergonomically convenient height away from the risk of soiling or splashing.

Up to 99 different slicing programs can be stored in the A 400 and accessed by entering the relevant number. The following functions can be stored with the aid of a simple operating prompt system: Shingled layers, stacks or shaving, depositing in three row positions, number of slices, number of portions, carriage speed, product size, slice thickness.

Simple operation

Safety, precision and proven Bizerba quality are the outstanding features of the fully automatic slicer A 400. Handling is simplicity itself and can be quickly and easily learned.

A practical system of operator prompting for the input and programming of machine functions ensures a trouble-free man-machine dialogue.

The stainless steel stand on casters (optional) and the compact design make the A 400 highly mobile and convenient to use, even in packaging or preparation rooms where space is at a premium.

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A400 Fully Automatic Slicer Spec Sheet
Bizerba VS 12 D Automatic Slicer from Horizon Bradco Commercial Foodservice and Bakery EquipmentBizerba VS 12 D Automatic Slicer

AFlexible operation

The VS 12 D is particularly suitable for slicing sausage, ham, bacon, smoked meats, roast meats, other meats. It works perfect in the butcher’s, grocer’s and baker’s as well as in the delicatessen and in the kitchen. Everywhere, where highly flexible operation and decorative and appealing presentation of sliced food is required. For this, the VS 12 D offers countless presentation shapes with extensive, simple selection options as well as storing a default delivery presentation at switch-on.

High-tech precision
The VS 12 D cuts cleanly, safely and quickly from the first slice to the last. Taking care of this is a powerful, low-noise blade drive together with the proven, first-class hollowground blade of hard chrome-plated special steel. The adjustable product support located in close proximity to the slicing position effectively prevents downward movement of the product.

In both automatic and manual modes, the VS 12 D offers highly-reliable operation and maximum safety. Perfect all-round protection and the low position of the carriage for easy handling enables fast and fatigue-free working. The practical Quick remnant holder retains food product remnants with its plastic spikes and therefore minimizes loss of cut ends and segments. Cutting power can be continuously adjusted. Wafer-thin slices can be cut using the extended scale in the range 0 to 3 mm. The VS 12 D is extremely rugged – it can be heavily loaded and is corrosion-free even in continuous automatic mode. Slide, stop plate, scraper and blade cover are constructed of precision anodized aluminum. Proven sliding channels guarantee clean, effortless sliding of the product to be sliced. The guides incorporated within the machine casing make for easy running of the carriage.

VS 12 D Automatic Slicer Spec Sheet