Vacuum Tumblers

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Hollymatic HVT-30 Vacuum Tumbler from Horizon Bradco Commercial Food Service EquipmentHollymatic HVT-30 Vacuum Tumbler

Vacuum tumbling is the best way to marinate products because it creates higher profits for you and better products for your customers in a short period of time. A Hollymatic HVT-30 Vacuum Tumbler adds consistent quality to your marinated menu items. The tumbling process increases your yield, tenderizes your product, reduces your cooking time and evenly distributes the flavor profile throughout your product. Higher yields, better flavor and tenderization equal customer satisfaction and higher profits. The Hollymatic HVT-30 Vacuum Tumbler offers economy and reliability with many features including:

• Built-In Vacuum Pump
• Programmable Timer (10-6 minute increments) 
• 25 lb. Maximum Working Capacity 
• Variable Speed From 1-18 RPM 
• 22"L x 21"W x 17"H
• 115 Volt – 60 Hz – 1 Ph 
• See-Through Processing Lid 
• Removable Stainless Steel Tanks with Baffles 
• Additional Stainless Steel Tank for Batch Preparation

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HVT-30 Vacuum Tumbler Spec Sheet
Hollymatic 500 Vacuum Tumbler from Horizon Bradco Commercial Food Service EquipmentHollymatic High Volume Vacuum Tumblers

With the Hollymatic line of Vacuum Tumblers you get more machine for your money and will be able to produce profitable value-added products that your customers will love. Their tumblers incorporate innovative design, faster production capabilities, and real price/value.

• Available with 300 and 500 pound capacities
• Touch pad microprocessor controls store up to 10 programs
• Adjust 3 program segments for up to 24 hours
• Change speed from 2–15 rotations per minute
• Stainless steel frame, tank, and cabinet
• 59" or 78"L x 40"W x 44"H
• 120 Volt – 60 Hz – 1 Ph 
• Run/Jog for easy loading and unloading

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High Volume Vacuum Tumbler Spec Sheet
Biro_VTS_44Biro Model VTS-44 Vacuum Tumbler

BIRO countertop vacuum tumblers are the tools you need to create the high-quality marinated entrees your customers demand. You can marinate most meats and fish in less than 20 minutes, so you can make those value-added products in a minimum amount of time. Vacuum marinating distributes the marinade evenly throughout the product, so you get full flavor in every bite. It also adds water and tenderizes the product, so it cooks faster and is juicy and flavorful. Shelf life is extended and freshness, color, and eye appeal are enhanced. These tumblers are incredibly easy to use, too. It only takes 5 minutes to load the product, water, and marinade, and it runs for about 20 minutes while you do something else. When a batch is done, you only need 5 minutes to empty the drum and wash it out, and you’re ready to do another batch. Best of all, the low machine cost and big boost to your profit margins mean a return on your investment measured in weeks.

• Electrical: 1/25HP, 115 Volts – 60 Hz – 1 Ph, 5’ Cord & 3-Prong Plug
• Stainless Steel Construction (Except the Wheels and Lid Gaskets)
• Drum Capacity: Twin 20 lb. Drums ea., max 15 lbs. for Optimum Tumbling
• Drive Motor: 1/25HP
• Vacuum Pump: 1/8HP w/ External Filter On Case
• Tumble Speed: Approximately 8 RPM
• 5’ Cord And 3 Prong Plug For 115-60-1; 5’ Cord, No Plug, 220-60-1 & 220-50-1, Extra Filter Element, Operating & Safety Manual
• Options (Ec): Variable Speed 0-8 Or 0-30, Tumbler Cart, Wood Box, 220-60-1 & 220-50-1
• Certification: NSF

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Daniels Tumbler DVTS 100Daniels Food Equipment DVTS 100 Tumbler
Daniels Food Equipment manufactures vacuum meat tumblers for restaurants, delis, meat plants and meat markets. We use durable stainless steel construction and offer variable speeds, digital timers, self-contained vacuum pumps and a range of other features based on model.

• Made in the USA
• 100 lb. Capacity
• 115 Volt
• Variable Speed 0 – 16
• All Stainless Steel Construction
• Four Swivel Locking Casters
• Easy to Remove Lid
• LED Timer
• Cutting Board Top

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Sipromac Tumblers
These tumblers are ideal for budget wise users and constitute a worthwhile investment. Product can be marinated in minutes by adding the meat and the marinade to the vacuum tumbler rather than hours of manual soaking.

• Stainless steel construction: frame, cylinder, accessories, etc.
• Standard drain hole for cleaning purposes
• Unit mounted on 4" wheels, except model ET-10 (leg-mounted)
• Bolt-assembled frame
• 1/2HP motor drives the cylinder and 1 HP for model ET-10
• Standard variable speed including reverse jog
• Water separator for pump protection
• Safety switch and photo cell in front of machine
• Direct drive, chain mechanism and gear mechanism for model ET-10
• Choice of analog control or MC-40 microprocessor
• Easy maintenance

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