Horizon Bradco continually produces training videos on various types of equipment. Our customers enjoy access to these videos to train new employees, or as a tool for retention of operation and maintenance steps to be followed. Below is a sampling of videos currently available.

Avalon Donut Fryer Model ADF 24G

Anets Autolift Fryer Model 18

BKI Frying Equipment, ALF Fryer, Breading Table, Landing Table

BKI Chicken Rotisserie Model VGG 8

Rotisol Rotisserie Model 1350/8

LBC Proofer LRP1

LBC Rack Oven LRO 2G

LBC LMO Oven with Proofer

MIWE Condo Deck Oven Model 1408

ROTISOL Grand Flamme Millenium Training Video

New Rotisol Grand Flamme Millennium training video helps you get the most out of any GF Millenium Rotisserie
Horizon Bradco is also available to produce customized videos for your facility to cover any particular operational steps or maintenance that you require.