Sustainable Foodservice

Many facilities think about the food they serve as a means to waste management and conservation, and may overlook equipment issues. True, the biggest opportunity for making an impact is with new equipment but there is also a lot of low hanging fruit as you look around your kitchen.

Maybe there is a leaky faucet, or a gasket that needs to be replaced? Another possibility is improper management of an energy plan for your equipment. Maybe an oven is turned on first thing in the morning out of habit and it is running for 12 hours a day, when in fact it really only needs to be powered up for 6-8 hours. Or maybe the equipment is not matched properly to the food you are preparing such as a batch steamer for an a-la-carte item.

Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Food Equipment

If you do go the route of purchasing new energy star rated equipment, make sure your employees are trained on how to use it! It will most likely operate differently than the equipment that was replaced.

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