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Marineland LB 12
The Marineland LB system is an easy-to-maintain refrigerate system for displaying and holding large load of seafood.

In this closed system, refrigerated water is drawn from the enclosed Barrel Chamber up through the Air Stack Tube into the Carbon Filter Tray. As water asses through the Carbon Filter Tray, mechanical and chemical filtration is provided by a polyfiber filter pad and eight ounces of Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon. The Carbon absorbs dissolved organic compounds which case odor and discoloration.

Filtered water spills into the display tank and is drawn through the filter bed where it is again filtered mechanically and chemically. This is also where biological filtration occurs. A thriving culture of beneficial nitrifying bacteria efficiently oxidizes all ammonia and nitrite on contact. Filtered water re-enters the enclosed Sump for recirculation.
Daniels DMX 50
For all your mixing needs. The 50 mixers are reliable well built machines. Easy to remove paddles, no wrenches needed. Safety interlock switch. Forward and reverse mixing. Hopper locks.

• Made in the USA
• Easy to Move Around
• Two Position Dump
• All Stainless Steel Construction
• Capacity 50 lbs.
• Four Swivel Locking Casters
• Motor: 1/2 HP, 1 PH, 115V, 60Hz, 10.1 AMP
• Dump height: 16-5/8"
Sipromac SPI 12
Sipromac injectors are known for their high-performance and accuracy. The SPI 12 is a perfect smaller option that offers that same high-performance and accuracy.

• Boneless meat only.
• Distance of single needles 1" (25.4 mm)
• Manually controlled belt
• Stainless steel brine tank
• Corrosion-proof pump
• Multiple supply voltage available
Hollymatic Super Patty MachineHollymatic Super
There’s a good reason why the Hollymatic Super is found in more restaurants, supermarkets, drive-ins, small locker
plants, and institutions than any other patty machine. The Super is an industry favorite for producing high quality patties. It's the most popular patty machine ever built.

Standard Features:
• Forms patties up to 8 oz. in weight, from 3/16" to 3/4" thick.
• Produce up to 2,100 patties per hour with reliable portion control.
• Automatic side notch paper interleaving.
• Safety Interlocked.
• Mold plate changes, simple and fast.
• Fast, easy clean-up with one tool disassembly
CAS CL5000H Label Printing Scale from Horizon Bradco Commercial Foodservice and Bakery EquipmentCAS 5000H
The CL5000 Label Printing Scale has the functions you need at an affordable price. Includes CL-Works software package. Use in supermarkets, specialty stores, deli's and more!

• 60 lb Capacity Dual Range
• 0 - 30 x 0.01 lbs / 30 - 60 x 0.02 lbs
• 0 - 15 kg x 5 g / 15 - 30 kg x 10 g
• 4/4/6/6 (Tare/Weight/Unit/Total)
• VFD & Alphanumeric Displays
• Bench: 96 Speed Keys (48 keys x 2)
• 3,000 PLUs & 1,000 Ingredients
• Optional: 10,000 PLUs & 2,000 Ingredients
• 50 Standard Label Formats
• Up to 20 Custom Labels
• CL Works Software Package Included
• Bench: 16(W) x 17(D) x 6.8(H)
• Legal for Trade
BKI Combi
Steam, roast, bake, reheat and proof in one unit that save store space, improves food quality and reduces food costs. Engineered to heat and hold food perfectly through an integrated system of circulating hot air and injected steam.

Standard Features:
• Accomodate 6 full-size steam table pans or 6 half-size bun pans
• Integrated hand shower with extendable hose for quick and easy cleaning
• Temperature probe and core temperature control functionality
• Twin-latch safety handle
• Automatic motor break - stops fan when oven door is opened during operation
• Water filtration system
• Integrate system of circulating air and injected steam
BKI Model FKM-FC Pressure Fryer from Horizon Bradco Commercial Foodservice and Bakery EquipmentBKI Pressure Fryer
This large pressure fryer has an 18 lb product capacity and is ideal for high production. All BKI pressure fryers have a built-in cold zone that collects surplus breading, prolonging the life of your oil. This unit is complete with the patented "Quick-Disconnect" filtration system, which promotes safer and simpler operation for a profitable and manageable fried food program.
Frymaster HD 250
Standard Features
• High-efficiency thermo-tube frypot design
• Thermatron controller
• Electronic ignition
• Large capacity, high performance gas fryers suitable for volume frying
• Stainless steel frypot, front, door, and sides
• Two twin baskets
• Wide colde zone
• Gas connection
• Combination gas valve with regulator
• Melt cycle and boil-out mode
• Drain safety switch
Sipromac Smokehouse
Temperature controlled through a built-in microprocessor, recorded on paper or optional data recording file. The semi-automatic cleaning cycle and seamless welded stainless steel cabinet allow easy cleaning and sanitizing.


• Stainless steel construction: interior, exterior, walls, ceiling, door, etc.
• High density semi-rigid rock wool (76 mm) insulation
• Microprocessor
• Steam control in percentage
• Sensor included
• 3 temperature controls, dry control, steam control, and internal temperature control of product
• Semi-automatic ventilation and cabinet washing and rinsing system
• Automatic door control
• Variable speed ventilation system
• Trolley guides
• Fully welded assembly
• Stainless steel trolleys :8 levels, 6 wheels (no accessories)
Minipack MVS 31
The MVS 31 is a tabletop vacuum sealer that is compact and easy to use. It uses a seal and cut system that can automatically adjust to seal small and large packages with its pressure sensor. The device is incredibly user-friendly with a completely transparent bubble lid allows for easy visual operation and moisture quick stop technology for any liquid products.
Turbo Air Merchandiser
This easily accessible merchandiser is a feature-packed unit that would be a great addition to your business.

• 300 series stainless steel interior
• Fluorescent lighting on each shelf
• Contemporary Euro design
• Black-colored exterior
• Energy saving night curtain included
• Foamed with polyurethane, high-density cell insulation
• Oversize and balanced refrigeration system
• Front air intake and rear air discharge
Tecnomac Easy Chill
Blast chilling and shock freezing are the best natural systems to extend the shelf life of food. Great power, versatility and reliability are the most evident features of EasyChill blast chillers/freezers.