Produce Soak

Produce Soak is the latest innovation from Power Soak Systems, the worldwide leader in continuous motion washing. This machine brings you a faster, better way to wash fruits and vegetables with a hands free technology that helps to achieve greater safety levels and prolonged shelf life.

"Produce Soak"

Two Bay, Three Bay, Four Bay Produce SOak

Standard Specifications:
- Patented wash flow design.
- 2, 3, or 4 Bay Wash tank
- Custom models available.
- Low profile was jets average three inches long along back of wall of wash tank above the wash tank intake.
- Stainless steel self draining pump housing and impeller.
- High quality 1/2" faucet assembly with pre-rinse spray.
- Three years parts and three year labor warranty (USA only)

Optional Equipment Available:
- Stanless steel backsplash extensions.
- Additional unload baskets.
- Additional strainer for unload basket.
- Stainless steel chemical brackets and shelves.
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2 Bay Produce Soak
3 Bay Produce Soak
4 Bay Produce Soak

Broccoli Before and After Produce Soak
This is the difference the Produce Soak can make. The broccoli to the left has gone through the Produce Soak and shows a much brighter green than the broccoli on the right that has not been washed with the Produce Soak.

Produce Soak Overview

Produce Soak | Romaine, Cantaloupe, Cucumber, Tomatoes

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