Modular Traceability System

CAS Trac
Provides label printing, data collection, and traceability capabilities in one user friendly package

• Box/Piece Labeling
• GTIN Labeling
• Palletizing
• Integration
• Inventory
• Receiving
• Shipping
• Case Labeling
• Cut to Order
• Networking
• Batch Printing
• Reporting
• Data Export

Label Printing
The stand-alone workstation provides net weight labeling capabilities for units, random weight, and fixed weight items by individual product number and can work independently or as part of an integrated or networked environment.

Data Management & Traceability
Windows style reporting capabilities provide complete and accessible reports by date range, by product, and by employee. All data is available for viewing, printing, or exporting to Excel files, PDFs, thumb drives, and more.

CASTrac Spec Sheet