Meat Slicing

Bizerba A550Bizerba A550

The A550 is a fully automatic slicer with innovative weighing technology to weigh single slices.
This slicer makes the processing of both symmetric and calibrated and bulky products even more efficient. Its industrial weighing module calculates the weight of a portion or single slice much quicker. In the event of deviations, the software immediately makes adjustments and the next slice will be closer to the target weight.

• Voltage/frequency: 208 V / 60Hz 3 phase
• Blade diameter: 420 mm
• Maximum number of slice / min: 250 without weighing function, 200 with weighing function, and 60 when single-slice weighing is selected
• Average number of portions: 25 portions / min
• Slice thickness adjustment: 0.5-30 mm
• Maximum stacking height: 60 mm
• Maximum insertion legnth: 600 mm