Vacuum Packaging Methods

Vacuum Packaging falls into 3 categories:

Vacuum Sealing

Involves removing air from a package and being left with a hermetically sealed package where a near perfect vacuum remains.

Cook Chill

Involves filling the bag with hot cooked food, expelling the air and sealing. The bag is rapidly chilled and refrigerated to inhibit growth of pathogens.

Sous Vide

Product is vacuum sealed and cooked thoroughly. The product is then rapidly chilled and refrigerated for later reheating and immediate serving.

Additional benefits of vacuum:

  • Storage of food
  • Marination
  • Infusion/compression (transforms crisp, light food texture into a dense meaty texture, works well with melon, cucumber, and tomato)
  • Sous Vide
Vacuum packaging is used in foodservice, food retail, vending operations and the best kitchens. Check out our Vacuum Sealing Guidelines for various types of food, and the chart below for choosing the right bag size for your product.

Sizing guidelines for vacuum packaging