Dicers/Strip Cutters/ Grating

Installation and service available on all of the equipment below.

Treif Felix Dicer Strip Cutter GraterTreif Felix

The compact dicing and strip cutting machine opens up a broad spectrum of slicing and grating possibilities.
The spacious cuttin chamber (96 X 96 X 300 mm / 3 4/5" X 11 4/5", H X B X L) enables the product to be loaded easily without the inconvenience of pre-cutting.

Technical Data
• Max. Output: 0.8; 1,764 lbs
• Max. Cut-Off Length(mm/in): 0.5-32; 1/5" - 1 3/10"
• Connecting load (kW): 1.0

Meat, sausage, bacon, and ham can be diced just as easily as vegetables, cheese, fruit, or fish.
Treif Flexon

Flexon can be used for a variety of applications and is designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized companies and catering businesses.
Meat, sausage, and cheese can be diced or cut into strips, but it is also able to grate cheese or slice potatoes and cucumbers. The machine can process products up to 550 mm in length and manages to produce up to 1,400 kg per hour.

Technical Data
• Max. Output: 1.4; 3,086 lbs
• Max. Cut-Off Length(mm/in): 0.5-32; 1/5"-1 3/10"
• Connecting load (kW): 1.2

Ergonomic, one-hand operating system for closing the product loading chamber. The operator can easily activate the closing mechanism with one hand to move the separating slide into position.
Treif Argon

With a cost-effective hourly output of up to 2.0 t, Argon is the highest-performance machine of its class.
The speed can be individually set by the operator (between 50 and 300 revolutions per minute), so that cutting output can be precisely aligned with the respective requirements.

Technical Data
• Max. Output: 2.0; 4,410 lbs
• Max. Cut-Off Length(mm/in): 1-50; 1/25"-2"
• Connecting load (kW): 2.0

When equipped with the option scale, Argon stops as soon as the specified weight has been reached. Deviation from target rate is a maximum of +/- 0.3%.
Treif Husky

Do you want to dice boiled ham and offer your customers juicy pork and beef goulash as well as thinly sliced meat? Do you want to cut chops, cured ham and schnitzel in clean slices and grate cheese or red cabbage?
The fact that machine are capable of doing this is not new but the surprise is that one single machine can handle all these tasks. Husky is the only dual cutting machine on the market that it able to handle what normally can only be done with two machines.

Technical Data
• Max. Output: 2.0; 4,410 lbs
• Max. Cut-Off Length(mm/in): 1-50; 1/25"- 2"
• Connecting load (kW): 2.0

Converting the Husky from a powerful portioning machine to a high-throughput dicer takes less then 2 minutes.
Treif Twister Basic

The dice and strip cutting machine, Twister Basic, is ideal for all who are looking for a cost-effective solution for perfect cutting quality in the mid-range performance class.
In one hour the machine achieves an output of up to 2,000 kg, even during constant operation. The cutting chamber has a generous size of 550 X 120 X 120 mm (L x W x H), ensuring a high fill volume.

Technical Data
• Max. Output: 2.0; 4,410 lbs
• Max. Cut-Off Length(mm/in): 0.5-34; 1/5"-1 2/5"
• Connecting load (kW): 4.0

Twister Basic is a solid machine that impresses with its easy equipment and nevertheless convinces with high standards.
Treif Twister

In one hour the dice and strip cutting machine achieves a max. output of up to 3,500 kg, even during constant operation.
It can handle highest stresses, even with respect to the loading. Twister can be optionally fitted with a convenient and reliable lift for E-boxes. For the operator that means: At last, no more straining bending and heavy, strenuous lifting.

Technical Data
• Max. Output: 3.5; 7,716 lbs
• Max. Cut-Off Length(mm/in): 1-50; 1/25"- 2"
• Connecting load (kW): 4.5

With the help of the gentle gridset (optional) delicate products such as cooked meat, poulty, or boiled sausage are cut gently, thus achieving excellent cutting results.
Treif Caseus Basic

Cheese or meat? Caseus Basic is your dicing and strip cutting machine for both. And that's what is increasing your flexibility.
Whether cheese, sausage, fresh or cooked meat, the products can be cut in dices or strips. Furthermore Caseus basic can rasp cheese or cut it into sticks.
The dual dicer is loaded manually. Cuts of up to 34 mm are possible.

Technical Data
• Max. Output: 2.0; 4,410 lbs
• Max. Cut-Off Length(mm/in): 1-34; 1/25"- 1 2/5"
• Connecting load (kW): 4.7