Charley Biggs Program

Program Summary

Charley Biggs’ Chicken ‘N Sauce is the hottest fresh chick-en concept to sweep the country in years. Charley Biggs’ recipe for success is simple: start with superior breadings and seasonings, and a touch of mouth watering sauces, and mix it all together using the attitude and image of Charley Biggs, a chef who believes that food and fun go hand in hand. When all the elements are put together, you end up with chicken so good and so tempting, you’ll under-stand why Charley Biggs says, “It’s All Good.”

Kick it up a notch with Charley’s mouthwatering dips and sauces. Whether it’s the zing of Charley’s Way Cool Ranch Dressing, the zest of his Yeah Baby Bar-B-Que Sauce, the velvety smooth taste of his My Sweet Honey Mustard Sauce or the sting of I’m On Fire Hot Sauce, great tasting chicken never tasted better! Plus with the hot design of our new four-flavor Sauce Station, Charley Biggs is reel-ing in customers. Put your chicken program into high gear with Charley Biggs’ delicious sauce program.
Breadings and Seasonings

It’s no joke, when you open your doors to the Charley Biggs’ Chicken n’ Sauce program, you’ll be attracting new and repeat customers looking for that famous mouthwatering flavor of Charley Biggs’ specially formulated marinade and batter. With a consistent coat of Charley’s consumer-tested Western and Special Spice breadings, you’re sure to please every taste in the crowd. Find out how easy it is to sell the great taste of Charley Biggs’ chicken with our family of branded cooking products.
Branded Packaging

Every time your customers carry out quality Charley Biggs food products, they’ll be spreading the word with our excit-ing branded line of carry-out packaging and supplies. Our packaging uses fresh, bold colors that are sure to stand out on any kitchen table, the next party, or any group setting. From the wax bag to the 100-piece tailgate box, and our branded wet naps, you’re sure to give your great tasting Charley Biggs food products the recognition they deserve.