Vacuum tumblers: Better for prepared foods, better for budgets [w/ Infographic]

Marination isn’t just culinary – it’s a science. And when prepared food departments understand that and invest in the right tools behind the counter, they turn out a better product more efficiently.

High-capacity vacuum tumblers are the cornerstone of smarter, more flavorful marinades, not to mention more cost-effective and timely operations from staff. What are vacuum tumblers? What enhancements can investors expect from this equipment? [Read more…]

Supermarkets stand to benefit greatly from the future of refrigerated meat cases

Commercial refrigerated meat cases combine two essential elements of fresh grocery sales: visibility and protection. Over time, however, meat cases can lose their ability to maintain these values and eventually¬†pass beyond the point of no return. [Read more…]

Chill and retherm: Blast chilling and blast freezing in retail environment

In a modern retail food environment, freshness is both sought after by customers and strived for by owners and operators. Although the prepared food section of your local supermarket or grocer could be a boon to the company’s success, waste can easily detract from those gains. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service, the retail food industry in America discards more than 30 percent of the meals it aims to sell for one reason or another. [Read more…]

Vacuum Tumbling an Innovative Method for Marinating Meat

Vacuum Tumbling is a newer method of marinating or brining meat, poultry and seafood that produces ready-to-cook, value-added products. Vacuum Tumbling comes at a good time when consumers are looking for more convenience items, and are not taking the time to make as many elaborate meals.

The traditional marinating process requires more time, and manual labor than semi-automatic Vacuum Tumbling. Traditional marinating also requires more cooler space in the kitchen. Introducing Vacuum Tumbling to your facility with provide the following advantages:

Greater Yield and Higher Price Point

Vacuum tumbling will easily add 8% to 10% to the weight of the finished product (water and seasoning) giving you a greater yield and a higher price point for tender and flavorful meat.

Reduced Direct Labor Costs

Semi-automated process reduces handling and processing time with as little as 10 minutes needed for marination of some products.

Improved Product Quality and Consistency

The process of tumbling allows for even penetration of the marinade and extracts protein to the surface of meat for a juicier, more tender and flavorful product. Tumbling also makes slicing meat easier with an even appearance.

Reduced Supply Cost

Vacuum tumbling eliminates the need for more marinade with a precise ratio of marinade to water. The marinade is fully absorbed by the product with no excess leftover.

Production Control

Vacuum Tumblers are equipped with timers, and settings to control the speed and number of rotations.