Summer Grilling – Not Just for Burgers

With the summer weather showing its face, that also means grilling season has commenced. While many customers are heading outside to cook, whether it’s the park or the porch, not everyone has time to embrace the barbecue with their busy work schedule. That’s where the prepared food department at your local grocery store can fill the void. However, your standard meats alone do not satisfy the evolving tastes of the modern eater. [Read more…]

Customers, businesses appreciate locally sourced meat

Over the past few decades, the divide between eating at home and dining out has closed. Prepared foods are the culmination of this equilibrium, combining the comforts of a home-cooked meal with on-the-go convenience and an affordable price point. So it’s no surprise that, according to the 2016 The Why? Behind the Dine consumer survey from Acosta, nearly 6 out of 10 Americans have eaten ready-made meals from their local grocers and other prepared foods purveyors in the three months prior to polling. [Read more…]

2017 meat forecast: What’s happening with your proteins?

Butchers everywhere always want to know which meats make the cut for consumers and which ones are on the proverbial chopping block. By adjusting their inventories accordingly, butchers can turn a good profit and reduce their chances of overspending on unpopular products.

That means it’s time for a quick protein-powered update on upcoming pricing trends in meat, which will in turn affect sales at your supermarket, delicatessen or independent butchery in 2017. [Read more…]

Don’t butcher your meat company’s digital workstation purchase by forgetting these 3 important factors [w/ Infographic]

Not too long ago, “tracking” meat meant sharpening your spear, getting your tribe together and following a wooly mammoth for what felt like an eternity until it dropped its guard. After catching your prey, you’d drag it all the way back home through mud and bramble, then feast for many moons.

Call us crazy, but we prefer a more modern approach.

These days, industrial meat companies have traded the hunting and gathering for the latest technology, like innovative scales, label printers and intuitive touch-screen terminals. These workstations provide employees with insight into materials, production status, shipping logistics, and yield analytics, as well as help them optimize their operations to get the job done faster, with fewer mistakes and a lot less paperwork. [Read more…]

Should your business cut its meat on site?

For industrial butchers, the answer to whether to cut meat in house is an easy one: Of course! How else would it get done?

But for commercial foodservice providers and retail operations like supermarkets, the choice to invest in meat cutting technology involves more than double checking the price tag. Cutting meat on site could change the entire dynamic of your business – for better or for worse. So, before you purchase an industrial meat saw, take time to consider these vital questions: [Read more…]

Dry aged meats at a grocery store nearby

Who among us with a carnivorous appetite would turn down a juicy steak, one so fresh it looks like it came off the cow the morning before?

Well, what if we were to tell you the latest fad in foodservice isn’t fresh meat, but actually the opposite? Dry aged meats have become quite the delicacy, and supermarkets or grocery stores with the right equipment in their prepared foods departments could profit substantially from introducing this gourmet foodstuff to their shoppers. [Read more…]

How LED lighting impacts food merchandising in supermarkets

Food and beverage manufacturers may spend all the time and money in the world to design an eye-grabbing packaging design, but supermarkets or grocers without proper display equipment could accidentally negate these expenditures.

That’s where food merchandising comes in. What do food merchandisers do, and how can LED lighting help in them in their mission to drive sales? [Read more…]

How sustainable beef and the ‘buy local’ movement make grocers greener

Foodservice has always been about satisfying the consumer. Over the last decade, the average customer’s palate has expanded beyond taste, portion sizes and nutrition to include larger, cultural expectations for food, like transparent sourcing and the sustainability of products like beef and other meats.

A supermarket or grocery store’s prepared foods department has the power to capitalize on these emerging trends by offering ready-made products that align with these changes to how consumers shop. Let’s look at sustainable beef and the “buy local” movement, and discuss how grocers can attract customers with, as well as show their support to, these trends. [Read more…]

3 millennial spending habits and what they mean for retail food

All retailers aim to move where the money is, and these days, that means following millennial spending trends. This enormous generation, comprised of consumers born between 1980 and 2000, made up around one-third of the U.S. population in 2013 according to the White House Council of Economic Advisers. Retailers marketing to this generation can’t rely on past successes – they must tailor operations to meet Generation Y’s needs both at the prepared foods section and at the cash register. What factors should retailers watch out for, and how can they impact equipment investment decisions in the coming year?
[Read more…]

New food trends mean supermarkets must adapt

The prepared foods section of supermarkets and grocery stores has various food trends to follow now that 2016 is already underway. To get a head start on the rest of the year, retailers may need to develop new strategies or change the department to fit the products customers are currently craving. Identifying products that are sure to be a hit with customers all year long and acquiring the necessary equipment early on will help food stores maximize potential profits.
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