Small, targeted commercial equipment investments make a big difference

What’s stopping you from investing in better, smarter cooking or baking equipment for your commercial kitchen? Is it money? Is it space? Or is it plain old why-mess-with-a-good-thing inertia?

We’re not about to stop store managers who feel inclined to remodel their kitchens top to bottom. Still, business owners and decision-makers must know a large-scale, costly upgrade is no guarantee of success or even turnaround from past failings. A targeted approach, one that focuses on unique struggles and goals, has a greater potential to return in spades what a team puts into it. What are examples of such a method, and why do they work as well as they do? [Read more…]

Breaking bread: 10 ways automated bread slicers change baking

Are you familiar with the expression “the greatest thing since sliced bread”? How could you talk about bread slicers without bringing that little gem up?

But the truth is, while sliced bread might be worthy of the title “greatest thing,” the act of slicing is far from it, especially in commercial baking operations. It’s time-intensive, difficult to standardize and even potentially dangerous if done by hand. [Read more…]

Making dough: Bakery department as a differentiator in retail business

Supermarkets have been baking up a storm in recent years, and customers have been flocking to their favorite retail locations in droves to snag something crispy, warm and delicious, according to Packaged Facts. The latest research shows Americans spent $20 billion on sweet baked goods like cookies and cakes, and a significant percentage of these purchases happen at the in-store bakery counter. [Read more…]

Recent Food Trends Show Next Steps for Supermarkets’ Strategies [Infographic]

Today’s consumers are looking for more from their supermarkets than just the standard variety of products. The appeal and success of prepared foods and other in-store departments have caused supermarkets to renovate and, as a result, look at new equipment.
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New food trends mean supermarkets must adapt

The prepared foods section of supermarkets and grocery stores has various food trends to follow now that 2016 is already underway. To get a head start on the rest of the year, retailers may need to develop new strategies or change the department to fit the products customers are currently craving. Identifying products that are sure to be a hit with customers all year long and acquiring the necessary equipment early on will help food stores maximize potential profits.
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Soft pretzel products still worth hard look from bakers and grocers

Just a few years ago it seemed that mouthwatering soft pretzels were impossible to track down unless you frequented mall food courts, county fairs and renaissance festivals. Times have changed quite a bit over the past few years,¬†considering how easy it is to find a pretzel burger these days. While new food fads seem to roll out every year, it’s less common for flavors to see a niche trend build up an audience, explode across numerous industries and establish staying power as a customer favorite. Pretzels, it seems, are the exception to this rule.

In addition to finding a spot on menus in quick-service chains across the country, soft pretzels are also taking off as a menu item featured by bakers and grocers. While a healthy serving of carbs and salt may not be an ideal addition to every selection, the pretzel trend is one that’s worth a second look from restaurant, grocery and business managers alike. [Read more…]

Top 5 food trends for 2016 and the equipment you will need to make them

It seems that every year, we see the food service industry undergo major changes that force all participants to adapt. The sector is always evolving due to numerous social, technological and economic trends that alter the way consumers want to be served and how businesses can maximize profits. All businesses, from supermarkets and independent bakeries and delis to restaurant chains, , must find ways to meet their customers ever-changing demands if they want to stay afloat in this competitive industry.
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